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Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

again and again, I am tired of their attitude

Ini cerita fina. Cerita celotehan gag penting fina. Cerita khayal fina. Cerita aneh fina {Goresanpenafina}

again and again, I am tired of their attitude.
this event for example:
she put
flesdisk into my netbokk me  without notice. This really makes my heart sad.
Know that I was in the restore netbokk re-made them.

initially not a problem.
but after a long time I netbokk problematic it becomes.
you are well aware what if an electronic goods (read: netbokk) if something is broken or problematic service price its definitely expensive.
our own tau lah, we all earn a student who has not.
My parents also are not rich and income more.
So I should really take care of this netbook.

friend, I hope you can understand

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  1. english nya....
    kapan nih release wiswa himaja-2.


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